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Terry Anne Wilson

Terry Anne is a writer and published author. Her global life journey began at 26, when she left her home in Canada with a 55-litre backpack. Mailing letters home and keeping a travel journal has evolved into a passion and career.

Terry Anne has since lived in 9 countries, written two books, and hosted workshops that speak to the power and joy of writing.

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The Joy of Writing

This workshop explores the power of writing and the fulfilling personal journey that lifting a pen can lead to.

Through exercises, discussions, and readings, participants will discover their authentic voice and learn the mechanics of SPICE in an environment designed to nurture writing.



Monday Morning Emails

A continent apart, they made the commitment to email each other every Monday morning for six months. Part memoir, part diary, part self-help, the result is a vulnerable and insightful recollection – the then and now – of expatriate life between two friends.

Writing has always been a way of connecting with others and capturing my experiences for posterity. And now, a deep love of history, people and culture infuses my work as I travel and live globally.
— Terry Anne Wilson