The Joy of Writing

This workshop explores the power of writing and the fulfilling
personal journey that lifting a pen can lead to.

Through exercises, discussions, and readings, participants will discover their authentic voice and learn the mechanics of storytelling in an environment designed to nurture writing. Terry Anne has lived globally for nearly 30 years and conducted workshops in Kazakhstan, India, Canada, and Slovenia.

Her workshops are designed to inform, inspire, and enrich.



In sharing her own life journey, Terry Anne creates a safe place to unlock the powerful creative and healing power of writing. Inspiring!
— Maryse Leroux , CANADA
You bring out the best in us like no-one else. You have a way of touching a beautiful chord in our life. Love it. Your way of drawing what is latent, dormant in a beautiful way. Keep touching people!
— Nancy Fernandes, India
It was a very special day we all experienced in this Joy of Writing workshop. I first came in with the goal of finding the motivation to get writing again. Upon starting the day, I felt humbled and a little intimidated by the incredible talent and extraordinary life stories of my fellow classmates and by Terry Anne’s extensive experience… but I left Centre 64 feeling encouraged, rejuvenated and inspired. Thank you, Terry Anne, see you at your next workshop!
— Emilie, CANADA
Thank you so much for opening this new door for me. I’ve always known I can write, however, I never imagined that you could turn almost anything into a story. A child’s laugh… a van ride in the Cambodian countryside… my morning coffee… my feelings towards my grandma. You showed me that anything is possible. You are an inspiration like no other. Can’t wait to create more!
— Špela, Slovenia

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